Monday, October 15, 2012

Random Pictures With My Dad

My Uncle Herman and my Dad
My Dad with my Aunt Louise, his sister-in-law.
My Aunt Thelma's old house.  Lots of memories here.  :)
Me being a dork and posing on the train tracks behind my Aunt Thelma's old house.

This post is for my 2 sisters.  I recently took my Dad to see his brother, and then I took him to the town where he grew up.  The picture of Carrington and my Dad is in front of the church where my Dad went when he was a little boy.  He was baptized while attending that church, but in a nearby lake and not inside the church.  He was about 9 years old.
The bottom picture is of a house that my Dad lived in as a little boy.  I had a picture of another house on here, but I accidentally deleted it!
The second to the last picture of the trees is the location of a childhood prank my Dad has told us about numerous times.  There used to be a sidewalk there, and it was across the street from a big Victorian house that my Dad lived in.  He and his brother Herman, and a cousin, set up a dummy that they had dressed up and put it on the sidewalk to scare people.
The third picture from the bottom is of my cousin David with my Dad.  They are standing in front of a ball field that my Dad used to play at as a teenager.  He has told us stories of his brother-in-law E.W.  who also played baseball there and could have been a great ball player if he hadn't been killed in WW II.

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