Thursday, March 29, 2012

School Stuff and Crafts

We had these sweet kids over to play recently.  They decorated cupcakes and then ate them.

The girls made various creations with mini marshmallows and colored toothpicks.
I love this series of historical fiction picture books!  This particular book was pretty sad though.
My kids love this book.  U.S. geography.  :-)
I use these all of the time!  I write Bible verses and notes to the kids on their bathroom mirror with them sometimes.  I also write notes to myself on my bathroom mirror.  :-)  It comes off very easily with Windex, and even with just a dry erase board eraser.
My kids have had a lot of fun with this world map on our kitchen table.  There is a plastic table cloth on top of the map and the striped table cloth.  I bought the plastic at Hobby Lobby.  It's so handy!  My kids can make messes and the clean-up is easy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kentucky Roadtrip

Larry has been a permanent fixture in our car for quite a few years.

Driving through the hills of Kentucky.

I love all the trees in bloom!

Getting gas at a truckstop.
Time to say "goodbye".

I hope my sister Kellie doesn't kill me for posting this pic.  I think she looks great for 15 weeks.
Lily Kate and Abigail

Doesn't he have pretty eyes?
This was the first time I have ever lit fireworks.  I can be talked into a lot of things!!!!

We forgot to sing "Pass It On"  and "Cumbaya"
Mighty Hunters

Smore making time!
He can still carry me on his back!!

Lydia is always ready to go somewhere, even if it's just to the IGA.  :o)
Warren made green tea on St. Patrick's Day.

Warren being happens occasionally.

These pictures are posted backwards.  I should have known better than to put them in the right order!  Computers confound me.  :o)  We went to Kentucky last week to see my sister Kellie and her family.  Warren even went with us.  It was fun to visit Kellie's church, because her preacher is really on fire for the Lord.  That is always inspiring!  We had fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day together.  In recent years, we have come to embrace our Irish heritage a little bit.  My aunt, who died recently, told us about a castle in Ireland that was named after our ancestors.  Both of my sisters and I have an interest in geneology.  We also came to appreciate Celtic music because of the group "Celtic Thunder".  Hence, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, complete with green balloons, green food, green tea, and green necklaces for everyone.  There were a lot of tears when we left on Monday, but there will be many more fun visits in the future.  :o) 

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