Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tea Party

At the last minute, we had a tea party/lunch on Thursday. I have not had enough tea parties with my daughter. I have a little boy who doesn't want to be left out for one thing. I've always thought that little boys can't go to tea parties until I saw that a lady in my homeschool group has tea parties with her 2 sons. So I decided to have a tea party and told them to dress up. I'm so glad I did. They had a great time. Next time I'll try to make it more geared toward Clayton........maybe a cowboy theme or something.


  1. What good memories you are making for the kids. You are a good mother and I am proud of you. Looking forward to your visit. Love - Mom

  2. Hi Aunt Monica,
    Thank you for posting pictures of your tea party!That was so sweet.

    I see so many mom's that miss out on those sweet times because they choose careers over their children.

    I am SO thankful that you , my mom,and Aunt Kellie chose to remain at home with your families.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    ~Much Love & Many Blessings~
    ~McKenzie Elizabeth~


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