Saturday, July 18, 2009

More old buildings!

I love old things.......antique furniture, old buildings, old cars, movies about other time periods, etc. Carrington and I are big American History fans and can't wait to visit Williamsburg some time soon. I love to hear about my grandparents and their ancestors. My Mom recently found an old family tree that belonged to one of her grandparents. We are apparently related somehow to Pocahontas and President Zachary Taylor. We recently bought Disney's version of "Where the Red Fern Grows" with Joseph Ashton as Billy Coleman. It is very clean and a great movie! The time period is the Great Depression. My Mom and Dad came to visit this week and watched the movie with us. They loved it. My Dad could completely relate to the movie, because he was 4 years old when the Depression started. He grew up in the country on a farm and knew all about "coon" hunting. Clayton is having a fit to go hunting. He has been squirrel hunting in our back yard, but so far has been unsuccessful. He has made "traps" that he concocted himself, but the squirrels have not taken the bait. Fortunately we have not ever seen any "coons" in our yard for him to hunt.


  1. Hello Auntie!
    I love all the pictures... they are very rustic and aurtistic! The first picture of Clayton on the next post is so cute!
    Can't wait to see ya'll!


  2. Good Luck Clayton I hope you catch one. ;)How is he feeling now? That wasn't how I expected your visit to end. :) I don't think we will ever forget him vomiting in front of everyone. The look on Carrington's face was utter horror! Memories, gross I know but still a memory to remember!

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    yours isn't interesting outside of other family members


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