Thursday, November 19, 2009

My boycott

The black marks on Clayton's face are the leftovers of war paint. It doesn't come off very easily, but he likes it. :o)
I told Carrington that I would be boycotting a certain store during the Christmas season, because they won't mention the word "Christmas". They want us to spend our Christmas money to buy Christmas presents, but for some reason they refuse to use the word. It's "Holiday gifts" or "winter cheer" or "sparkle". Anything but Christmas. It also bothers me that they have been really nasty to customers who complain about it. So I will take my "holiday cheer" elsewhere.
Tonight I was paying some bills and opened an envelope to find a $40 reward card from this particular store. I've NEVER in my life gotten that kind of a reward to a store. I won't be able to use it though. $40 is not as important as disappointing my child who is watching what I do. I don't want to compromise just to save $40. I certainly don't always do everything perfect in front of my children. They know all my many faults, but at least they know that I am trying to do what is right and am trying to please God. I don't think it's a sin to shop at that store, but I want to teach my children that you don't have to compromise on what you believe in. Carrington would be disappointed if I did.

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  1. That was such a sweet post Aunt Monica! I like your new header!

    Looking forward to seeing ya'll,


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