Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Christmas pictures

Carrington's new bike. I love the retro look!
Some of the chaotic fun at my Mom and Dad's house.

Sweet Lily Kate

Madeline and Carrington in one of my Mom's
new snuggies. My Mom is wearing the
pink one. They remind me of choir
robes! :o)

Clayton digging into his stocking.

Stocking time for the girls.

After the show. "Cousins Productions" puts on a

performance every year at Christmas time.

The ballerinas. I hope my nieces won't be
mad that I posted this picture. :o)

I LOVE this picture! Lily Kate looks shocked
that Myles is crying. I'd be crying too if I
had to wear that suit! Marcy put it on him
for a joke. She doesn't normally dress him
quite so formally! Haha!

The little couple on display.

Carrington playing one of her piano pieces.
McKenzie turning the pages. She's a great

Carrington doing a dance she learned in her
worship dance class.

Carrington playing a duet with her MeMe.
MeMe is a great pianist and plays by ear.

Clayton playing the spoons with his cousins
Brandon and Spencer. It was a lot cuter than
this picture depicts. There was too much
sun coming in the windows.

Uncle Fred

Spencer and Carrington

Ali, the oldest cousin and Aunt Leisa, Warren's

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Barry (Warren's brother)

MeMe and PaPa. I should have taken more
pictures of their house. It looked so pretty
decorated for Christmas.

Me and my young 'uns.

In front of our tree at home. We always have
Christmas at home before we go to Grandma's
MeMe's house to have more Christmas. My kids
were absolutely thrilled to get a Wii this year.
I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do
together. I have had as much fun as the kids
have with it! The thing I like about it is that
you are up moving around the whole time
you're playing. You can't be a couch potato
and play it. I actually get sweaty playing the
games. It's a lot of fun. I have realized that
Clayton is an encourager. When someone else
is playing a game and he's watching, he cheers that
person on the whole time. "You can do it, Mommy."
or "You're doing great!" It's so cute!
Well I better get to bed. School starts back in the


  1. I love the picture! = ) Thanks for posting that! =) we look really i have no idea what we are trying to do!!!


  2. Oh yeah, the picture of our dance is just dandy.:D You really got a good shot of me!:)
    I like seeing the pictures of Christmas! How is Carrinton enjoying her bike?
    Happy New Year!


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