Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I decided that we needed a change of scenery today, so we packed up some of our schoolwork and went to a restaurant to finish school.  It was fun, the kids loved it, and it helped in getting my boy to focus on getting his Math done and not daydream, play with his dog, stand on his head, or start playing with his Lego's.  :o) 
Tonight, Carrington and I had a girls night out.  We went shopping at our mall.   It was fun to have some alone time with her.  It is neat to see how your kids will open up and share with you about things that they might not share when other family members are around.  Carrington is an awesome girl, even when she is rushing me to hurry up and decide on what I'm going to buy!


  1. How fun~ the doing school at a restaurant, and shopping! :) We CAN NOT WAIT until y'all come to visit... we are so excited~ we miss y'all so much!


  2. Carrington is such a sweet girl!!!

    I love shopping ALONE with my mom:D It really does help me to open up about stuff. Not just while we're shopping, but anywhere I'm with her that no one else is around:D

    I'm so jealous y'all got to go shopping!!! I can't wait until my birthday! Mall here we come!!!

  3. Hey Aunt Monica!
    I'm going shopping this Saturday for my birthday. It's really sad that I am turning 12! Because It seems like just yesterday I came over to your house to play with Carri!
    Hope ya'll had fun shopping!

  4. Sweet post...I love the picture. I told Mom that they looked like little college students:)
    Hope you guys had a good trip up to see our "Hill-folk"!

    Love you,


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