Friday, May 13, 2011

School Stuff

I bought this on the internet, just for the fun of it after Prince William's wedding.  We're trying to learn some of the flags from different countries.  But don't worry, I'm definitely partial to our own Stars and Stripes!  :o)  Thanks Carrrington for the picture!
We've been reading this Science book for school this year.  It has some great and easy experiments and it is Creation-based Science, which is very important.  We have really enjoyed it.
We rented this from the library.  It was written by Senator Rick Santorum's wife.  She's a homeschool Mom.  It has a lot of character-building poems and stories.
I love this book!  The pictures are so pretty!  My favorite subject is American history, so I really enjoyed reading this to Clayton.

My library basket.  I used to keep it upstairs and then I would forget about the books.  Now it's in the kitchen, and it's so much handier!

We've been doing school outside a lot lately, especially in the morning before it gets too hot.  I don't know why I look like I'm frowning.  I actually really like that book!


  1. Those look really good~ I love your book basket!
    I have been doing my readings for school outside, too-- it's been so nice! Clayton looks so cute with his shades on! ;)

    I love the first song on your playlist, btw!

  2. Cute pictures. Thanks for making the trip by yourself yesterday. I still hate it for Carrington. Come see us when you can. Love - Mom


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