Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blogging again!!!!!

My babies.  :)
My sister, Kellie, and I.
My niece, Abigail and I.  I'm a dork for posing like that.  :)
I have been wanting to take some pictures of this little church for a while now.  I love it.
I have really missed posting on my blog!  I haven't posted since before Christmas.  Things got a little crazy for our family the day before Christmas Eve.  My Dad fell and broke his hip, so we have made a lot of trips to my parents' home to help out a little bit (and also try to keep up with homeschooling my children).  My brother came for a visit also.  We had not seen him in 11 years.   I have made a few attempts to post pictures and I couldn't post them for some reason.  I thought I would try one more time.  This time it worked!!  :)

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