Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Things I Love About My Dad

Today was my Dad's 85th birthday.  My sister and I, and our families, surprised him by going to his house to help him celebrate.  In honor of his birthday, I thought I would list some things that I love about my Dad.

1.  He is always happiest when he is with his family.

2.  He took us to church every Sunday when we were growing up.

3.  He is crazy about his 14 grandchildren and they are crazy about him.

4.  He does soooooo much for my Mom, who has really bad health..........from sitting in doctors offices for hours to giving her back rubs every night.

5.  His Bible is worn out.

6.  He dove off the diving board last summer while his grandchildren cheered him on.

7.  He sends money to my brother every year for Christmas and his birthday, even though he never gets a phone call or thank you note in return.

8.  When our family is all together, he waits until everyone else has been served before he gets his food.

9.  He used to work as a chaplain at a men's prison.  A lot of the prisoners still write him letters because he made such a positive impact on them.

10.  He has never been in a hospital (he was born at home) and he says he never will.

11.  He watches VERY little tv.

12.  He once walked out of a play because one of the actors was cursing like crazy.

13.  He has been trying to warn people about the evils of globalization long before Glen Beck came on the scene.........even though a lot of people think he's a kook.  :o)

14.  In 1965 he took a job as a counselor at a children's home.  When the children told him that they were being abused by the other workers at the home, he took the children's home to court and raised all kinds of stink.

15.  He worked his way through college and seminary and got his Master's Degree in Youth Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

16.  When it came to discipline, he was a softie with my siblings and me.  We never obeyed him out of fear.

17.  He enjoyed going on camping trips and other activities with us when we were growing up.  We have so many fun memories of our childhood.

18.  He would never tell, or laugh at, a dirty joke.

19.  He loves our least what it used to be.

20.  He's a wonderful Dad and Grandpa!

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  1. That was a super sweet post! I love him so much!

    See you Christmas!



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