Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas pictures

Clayton in front of our Christmas tree.
Lydia, who is a better photographer than I am!

Dancing to Grandpa's music.  My Dad was playing his ukelele.

More dancing
Carrington with her favorite baby girl.
Clayton with his new dog, Max.
Opening presents at Grandma's house. 
My Mom and Dad gave me and my sisters hymnals from the church where they got married.  I love hymns and I will treasure the hymnals.
Kellie and I opening our hymnals.
Clayton singing with his cousins.
Carrington and MeMe
Carrington and PaPa
Clayton loves his dog.
Carrington in front of our tree.
At a neat Christmas light display.

My Dad singing and playing his ukelele

My pictures are out of order.  Shoot!  It took me long enough to post them, so they're staying as is.  We had our family's Christmas at home first.  Clayton got a dog.  He was shocked and thrilled.  He has been asking, no begging, for years.  Carrington and I are not quite as excited.  Just as I was starting to like him, he pooped in the house today, twice!  He spent a lot of time outside today.
We went to my Mom and Dad's house on Christmas Eve.  My sister Marcy was sick so her family couldn't come.  My kids were sad that they didn't get to spend Christmas Eve and Day with their cousins, but we had fun with my Mom and Dad.  We all got many wonderful presents and had a yummy birthday cake for Jesus.  Then we went to my in-laws house.  We all opened more presents and visited with "MeMe and PaPa".  I'm very blessed to have sweet in-laws.  Then we headed back to my Mom and Dad's house and my sister Kellie and her family came too.  They live 6 hours from us now, so we hadn't seem them in a while.  We had a great Christmas and New Years and tomorrow it's time to hit the books again.  Happy New Year! 


  1. I really like the picture of Carrington and Lily Kate together. It's so sweet!:)
    I hope Max learns not to poop in the house soon!:) I'm sure you just loved that! haha :)
    Happy New YEAR!

  2. lol.... Poor Max:)
    Love the pictures of the kids banging pots and pans:)



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