Friday, June 3, 2011

BEST ENCOURAGEMENT! ever! Ammazing! Must see! (Francis Chan - Creazy Lo...

I thought this video was really good.  He made several comments that I liked, so I had to post it.  I love watching good sermons on Youtube.  One thing he mentioned is that he grew up when churches begged people to follow Jesus.  I think it is still like that sometimes.  I wonder how many people would still go to church if they could lose their job or get in trouble with the law.  I heard a quote on Focus on the Family this week that was very thought-provoking.  The man said, "The problem with Christians is that nobody wants to kill  them anymore."  Wow!  I have read about Christians in other countries who are persecuted and even tortured, but their faith is so much stronger than ours.  Right now, in other parts of the world, some of our brothers and sisters are in prison for their faith.......and yet they really love Jesus.  I told Clayton this morning, "I just want you to really love Jesus."  I pray that for my whole family.  That is more important than anything.

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  1. Don't you love him? He is one of my favorite authors and speakers currently. The most humble person I've ever seen speak.


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