Monday, June 20, 2011

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

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I always love a good family-friendly movie!  I was very excited when my sister told me that this was a good one.   It's about a group of boys who become friends with an old, Christian man.  The old man, Jonathan Sperry, is played by Gavin McLeod (remember Captain Stubing from The Love Boat?).   Jonathan Sperry begins to have Bible studies with the boys and mentors them.  The boys become fired-up for God.  I watched the movie with my children and we loved it!  My son Clayton was very inspired.  His prayer at bedtime that night was so sweet.  The next morning he said, "I'm never gonna sin again."  I can assure you that he has sinned since then, but it is always neat to see my kids getting excited about the things of God.  This movie definitely gets a thumbs up from this Momma!  :o)

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