Saturday, July 23, 2011

Field Trip to Plains


We just returned from a trip to my husband's parent's house.  It was a whirl-wind trip!  On the way to their house, we stayed in a hotel.  I love the Hilton Garden Inn!  It was very nice and the pool area was so pretty!  I like to walk in the evenings, and I knew the kids would be bored if they stayed in the hotel room with Warren.  (He was watching the news.)  So, I took them with me to the pool.  They played while I walked around the pool about 500 times.  Ok not 500 times, but it seemed like a lot.  :o)  The next morning, Warren went to call on one of his customers in that town, while Carrington, Clayton, and I ate breakfast and then went to the pool.  Poor Warren.  :o)  When he was done with his meeting, we packed up and headed to my in-law's house.  It was a short visit and we only stayed one night, but we enjoyed spending time with them.  We said good-bye to MeMe and PaPa and headed to Plains on the way home.  Plains is the home of our 39th President, Jimmy Carter.  It's a tiny town, but had a nice museum.  The museum is in the school that Jimmy Carter attended as a child.  It was an old building, which I LOVE!!!  There was a really nice man who told us a lot about Jimmy Carter and his family.  He invited us to attend Sunday School in the morning where Jimmy Carter teaches, but we had to head home.  On the way home, I talked to Carrington and  Clayton about Plains.  I asked Clayton, "Who is the President from Plains?"  He said, "JFK??"  What a proud moment for this homeschooling Mom.  Ha!Ha!  I hope he remembers something about our little fieldtrip!

The medal in the 3rd picture, above, is President Carter's Nobel Peace Prize.  That was pretty cool to see!  The desk that we are sitting at in the pictures is a replica of the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.  It was beautiful!

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  1. I can't wait to go visit there one day! It's not far from us in Leesburg, and JB works in Americus. My mom wants to see Plains & the museum, so we'll do it one time when she comes down from NC. :-)


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