Sunday, May 20, 2012


I love this picture of my Mom and Carrington (my Dad in the background).  We had gone to the mountains with my parents.  My Mom loved and cherished her grandchildren.  She would do anything for them.  My sadness is more for my children than for me, although I am having a pity party for myself too.  :o)  I hate the fact that my children don't have their biggest fan anymore, cheering them on through every milestone and accomplishment in their gifts that were so meaningful and special..........listening to their problems with the best reactions.

I was standing at her kitchen counter a few days ago, thinking about all the many delicious meals she had cooked for her family over the years.  Everywhere I look, are constant reminders of my Mom, at her house and mine.  Grief definitely comes in waves, and for me it is mostly in the evenings for some reason.  Two nights ago, my son Clayton was saying his prayers.  As he usually does, he prayed for Grandma and Grandpa and then caught himself.  I started crying, and Clayton asked me why I was crying.  I said, "you don't need to pray for Grandma anymore".  Clayton responded with, "Mama, she doesn't need our prayers anymore".  He is so right.  I don't grieve for my Mom.  I grieve for us, the husband,  daughters, and grandchildren that miss her so much.  I know that my Mom is doing great!  She is happy and healthy.  She has no pain or sadness.  I cling to the fact that we will see her again someday, and we won't have sadness anymore either.  But in the meantime, we have to go through this sadness like everyone else who has lost a precious loved one.

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  1. Yes, this is exactly what my kids & I talk about with death - death is not sad for the person. It's only sad for a while for those of us still here... Sending so much comfort, love & light!


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