Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye to My Mom

I lost my Mom on May 5 at 8:30 in the morning.  It has been a very sad time for my whole family.  She was the heart of our family.  She had a husband, 4 children, and 14 grandchildren (and 1 on the way).  She dearly loved all of us.  She took interest in every one of her grandchildren.  She always got excited about their accomplishments.  She was just as proud of our children as we are.  She loved holidays and celebrations.  She made everything fun and special.  She left an enormous void in our family that will never again be filled.  We miss her terribly.  There are grandchildren that are so young that they won't remember her at all.  My son is 9, and he won't remember when she was healthy and vibrant and always on the go.  She had Gout for about 5 years that totally ruined her life and destroyed her body. 
We miss her so much, and yet we would not wish her back to this Earth for anything.  Her body was wracked with pain.  She had gnarled hands and feet.  She could barely walk with a walker.  She doesn't have to go to dialysis anymore (which she hated).  Now she is pain free.  She is happy, joyful, and enjoying Jesus and Heaven.  She can walk, run, and enjoy life.  She has seen her Mom and brother, and her Grandparents.  She has seen her grandchildren that have died (miscarriage).  We are very sad that she is gone but we have the comfort that we will see her again someday.  That will be a wonderful reunion!  I know that she will be waiting at the gates for each one of us.

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