Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter pictures

More pictures from Easter at my Mom and Dad's house. Since Clayton and Gabe both have a birthday in April, my Mom got a cake for them and we had a little party with the cousins. Clayton got a gun that shoots marshmallows from Grandma and Grandpa. The Easter egg pinata was almost too cute to destroy, but all the kids had fun hitting it. From the looks of some of these pictures, I need some photography lessons! :o)


  1. I like the pictures! Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow! Love, Lydia

  2. That picture of me is awful as most of them are. he rest are good. We had a good weekend. Thanks again for Sunday. We really enjoyed it and couldn't have done it without ya'll. Love - Mom

  3. What good musisc you selected!! : 0 I am liscening to "Paper Moon"...
    Love you,


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