Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Retreat at Calloway Gardens

This last weekend, Warren and Carrington went to a Father/ Daughter retreat hosted by Vision Forum at Calloway Gardens. They had a great time. Warren enjoyed the speakers, especially Dr. Voddie Bauchum. 2 of Carrington's cousins, Madeline and McKenzie were also there with their Dad, so it was very fun for Carrington. On Saturday, they had a Victorian High Tea in which all the girls get all dressed up. My awesome Mom made a skirt for Carrington to wear over her hoop skirt. It was really pretty. I'm so glad they got to go, but I'm glad they're home now! Clayton and I missed them!

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  1. Those are good pictures. That first one of the spoon and the name tag was neat. I am impressed with Carrington's photography skills! :>)


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