Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nature Study

I am reading a book right now called, "A Pocketful of Pinecones", by Karen Andreola. I have heard really good things about it. It's about a Mom who homeschools and teaches her children how to study nature. They find things and draw pictures of them and put it in a "Nature Notebook". It's in a story form so it's really fun to read. The family lives during the Great Depression. To teach my children about nature, I will be learning right along with them. I wish I had shown more interest in nature as a child, because my Dad knows a good bit. ie The names of birds, etc. Clayton loves to be outside and we have a lot to learn about just in our backyard. We have quite a few trees in the back half of our backyard which my kids call "The woods". I wish I wasn't so terrified of snakes. It really puts a damper on things.

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  1. That sounds like a good book! I like the picture of Clayton!


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