Monday, May 25, 2009

Visit to MeMe and Papa's house

We went to Warren's parent's house for Memorial Day weekend. We always enjoy visiting with them and haven't been in a while. They work in their yard a lot and it is so pretty! I'm very blessed to have wonderful in-laws. I think it's very important for kids to be around their grandparents if at all possible. Our parents' generation has a lot of wisdom and history to share with us. I love to hear stories from them about their childhood and their parents. I want to be able to pass along stories to my kids about their ancestors. It's very interesting to think about what hard workers they were, and how honest and ethical people were in previous generations. I just love history, especially American history!


  1. They look like they have a very beautiful yard! Hey look, I've commented before Lydia. Now that's unusual!:) I love the hydrangea pics!

  2. Hey mommy!
    I love the picture of the hydrangea. And you took a better pictures than the lady at the father/dauter thing. :)

    love you lots,



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