Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here are a few pictures from our visit to Abraham Linconln's birthplace and boyhood home. It was a beautiful, rural area near Hodgenville, Kentucky. It was a cool, rainy day but the weather didn't ruin the excitement of seeing these two historical sites. The bottom picture shows a 150-year old cabin found on the property where Lincoln was born. He was born in 1809, so this one isn't old enough to have been the cabin he and his family lived in. I guess they don't know what happened to the cabin he was born in, but they put this one in a building (picture #4 from top) and they have a guard/guide standing there to tell you about it. I was a little disappointed that the original cabin wasn't there. The cabin is very small but we were told that Lincoln's family was actually middle class for that time period.
Picture #3 shows a cabin that you can actually rent and stay in that is on the property.
Picture #1 and 2 are at Knob Creek where Lincoln lived for several years as a child. Carrington and I love American History, so it was fun to see these two sites!

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  1. Your faithful commenter is back! = ) Just kidding! That looks really cool! The house is so tiny! : )



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