Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

We went to Gatlinburg one day during our vacation in Pigeon Forge last week. The weather was perfect, except for the day that we drove there. It rained quite a bit and there was water on some of the lower streets. I couldn't believe how full this river was (last picture) or how powerful the water looked.
We always enjoy driving the go-carts. Clayton was disappointed that he couldn't drive one by himself, but he had fun anyway. One day we went to Gatlinburg and rode on the sky lift. I still can't believe I let my babies get on that thing! They loved it though. The coolest thing we saw was that giant ball spinning on top of a tiny amount of water. It was amazing that we could stop it from spinning and then spin it in another direction. We took a hike on a trail outside of Gatlinburg. I was very happy not to see any snakes on our hike.
We stayed in a cabin with a great view of the mountains.

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