Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our field trip to Operation Christmas Child

On Tuesday, my kids and I went on a field trip with our homeschool group. That fieldtrip has really blessed our Christmas this year. My husband and I really wanted to help someone that TRULY needed help this year, not a family where the kids were asking for computers and other expensive stuff. We wanted to help someone who would REALLY be greatful. God answered our prayers for sure! We went to a collection center for Operation Christmas Child. They collect shoe boxes full of little gifts to give to children in third world countries who have almost nothing. They go to poverty stricken areas and have Christmas parties for the children. They give each child a shoebox and tell them about Jesus.
We filled 4 shoeboxes the day before to take with us. We bought things like pencils, notebooks, small toys, combs, candy, etc. Things that will mean so much to children that don't have these items. I don't think most Americans realize what poverty really is. Imagine not having a bar of soap or a toothbrush. Some of the places they go to are so remote that they have to deliver the boxes on snowmobiles, boats, jeeps, etc.
While we were shopping, my kids and I were struck by the fact that the boxes weren't as big as we wish they could be! We were going to fill one of the boxes for a 2-4 year old. We wanted to put a blanket, a sippy cup, clothes, etc. We felt such a burden for these children, and I wished I could bring one of them home! The night before the field trip, Carrington and Clayton took turns praying for each child that would receive a shoebox.
While at the collection center, we were blown away. The verse, "It is more blessed to give than to receive, " was made real to me. I honestly fought back tears the whole time we were there. We heard wonderful stories of how children received exactly what they needed in their boxes.
There were several hundred volunteers working and getting the boxes ready to be shipped. They all looked so happy to be there. They came from several different states to help. Carrington said, "Mommy, when I'm 13 can I be a volunteer?" What a great way to see God in action. At one point, everybody stopped what they were doing to pray. Everyone picked up a shoebox (including us) to pray over, for the child that would receive it. I just can't describe it.
There were white people, black people, and people from Korea or Vietnam (I can't remember which) . There were young and old people, all excited to be helping.
If you are interested, please watch the top video on my sidebar. You'll have to pause the music at the bottom of this page first. It shows clips of children receiving their shoeboxes. All of the videos are safe to look at. Just wait for several minutes before you click on them. When you first get on my blog, some other videos are on there until it gets warmed up. If you don't see Bob the Tomato in the bottom box, then the wrong videos are on there. You can also google Operation Christmas Child to learn more about this great ministry and watch more videos. They collect shoeboxes from numerous countries around the world.


  1. Hello Aunt Monica!
    What a sweet post... I had so much fun as a kid filling my shoe box:)!

    I hope you guys have a blessed day!


  2. I like your new header picture. Clayton looks adorable with his missing teeth!


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