Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is my feeble attempt at photography. We've been very busy lately with Christmas hustle and bustle. We had our last American Girl club. I decided to drop out so we would have more time to do things that Clayton will enjoy too.
My Mom and Dad came up this week. My Dad's birthday was on the 18th. He turned 84! He's still in great shape. We had a special birthday dinner for him. We wanted to make it special for him and fixed up the table with candles, balloons, etc. I think he enjoyed it. We love him dearly and he's a wonderful Dad and Grandpa.
My parents babysat on Friday night, and Warren and I went out on a date! It is so fun when they babysit, because I can relax and not worry about my kids! My kids have a great time with them. Clayton said he wished we had company every night so he wouldn't have to sleep by himself. Carrington snuck out of her room and got in Clayton's bed with him. They are both happily snoozing away!
We went to a local train track to take some pictures this evening. It had gotten a little bit too dark, but I took some anyway. We got yelled at for being on the train tracks by some grumpy old man. It kind of spooked me so we left. Obviously I wouldn't put my kids in danger for anything in the world! We were standing right next to the crossing where there is a light and one of those things that comes down across the track, and the noisy flashers. I'm sure we would have had more than ample warning. Oh doesn't take much to scare me!

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  1. Good pictures. Daddy did enjoy his birthday and we had a good time with the kids. See you soon. Love- Mom


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