Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random tidbits

I really don't like winter, but there are 2 days in February that make the month a little bit brighter for me. The first, of course, is Valentine's Day. The second is my birthday. I decided ahead of time that we were going to have a fun day and make it a light schoolwork day. My kids were all for that of course. They fixed me breakfast in bed. I got to watch a morning news show and eat oatmeal in my bed. It was fabulous! I'm not a morning person, so it was "great crack" as the Irish say.
My children worked extra hard to make my day special, which was the most precious thing to me! They cleaned up the kitchen and then surprised me by decorating with balloons and crepe paper. They also set the kitchen table with a tablecloth and pretty paper plates.
We did some schoolwork and I read to them. We are almost done with God's Smuggler. Then we got ready and went out. We ate lunch at a favorite restaurant of ours while I taught them some new Spanish words. They aren't absorbing the words quite as quickly as I would like, but they are definitely learning. Their new words were comer = to eat, la comida= the lunch, limpia=clean, sucio=dirty, and a few others. Then we went to a school supply store. I LOVE to look at fun school supplies and books. One of the store clerks questioned Carrington about homeschooling. Carrington told her that she loves homeschooling and that she does things with other homeschoolers on a regular basis. I hope that the store clerk is no longer concerned about the welfare of my children.
My husband took us out to an Italian restaurant for dinner that night. He also brought home a chocolate ganache cake. Clayton stuck his finger in the top of it before I got a picture of it. But that's ok. I'm very thankful that I have a 6 year old boy who likes to stick his finger in icing. I walked on my treadmill that night for 30 minutes, but it probably wasn't enough to cancel out the piece of cake.
The parakeets are ours. I bought them last summer. I was hoping the kids would be able to have fun with them, but they are mean and they bite. Clayton talks to them occasionally, but they aren't enough to take away his desire for a dog. I'm not a dog person, so I'm trying to hold off on that a little longer.
My Mom has been transferred to the rehab center in the hospital. We are thrilled, relieved, and thankful! She is under much better care and it is much less depressing. She is doing a little bit of walking with her physical therapist and a walker. I know that she will work hard and will hopefully get strong enough to go home in a few weeks.
I posted a picture of a book we read this week, Beethoven Lives Upstairs. I found it at a children's consignment sale recently and snatched it up. We learned a lot about Beethoven. He was a very eccentric, troubled man, but definitely a musical genius. Carrington's piano teacher told us that the reason he went deaf was because his father boxed his ears a lot for punishment. He still wrote symphonies when he was deaf! He took the legs off of some of his pianos so they would sit on the floor. That way when he played them, he could feel the vibrations on the floor. It has given us a new appreciation for his music.

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