Monday, May 17, 2010

Our trip to a strawberry farm about 2 weeks ago. The strawberries are great and I made a ton of strawberry jelly.

My kids are sick right now. I woke up at 7:00 this morning to Clayton crying and saying, "I'm sick!" I took him into the bathroom and he threw up on the carpet. Half of the upstairs bathroom has carpet and the other half is tile. That was a dumb move on whomever built this house. Carrington is sick now too. I'm hoping they will get over it really fast. Clayton is already acting like he feels a lot better. They both ate some crackers and drank a little bit of Gingerale. Yes, I know Gingerale isn't good for you, but my Mom gave me Gingerale when I was sick and I'm a creature of habit. I have washed so many towels and washcloths today that I ran out of laundry soap!

I'm thinking they may have picked this up yesterday at the park. After church, I took them to a nearby park to play in the water fountains. There were a ton of kids there. The good news is that childhood illnesses like this will strengthen their immune system. That always makes me feel better when my kids are sick. There was a study of children in daycare who picked up a lot of illnesses. They had a lot lower rate of some type of cancer because their immune systems were strong.

My kids are listening to "Kit, an American Girl" on CD right now. Thank goodness for books on CD! The kids love them and it is something to do besides watching tv.

I hope I don't get sick. I feel queasy, but it could be from cleaning up vomit. And to think that I worked as a nurse for 9 years!

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  1. I had to clean up after Titus when he was sick a couple years ago. He vomited all over the floor and the bed while I was babysitting. It was disgusting! I remembered you telling me to pour salt on it and it would soak up. I poured so much on it that it clogged up the vacuum. I may have told you that story before but anyway your post brought it to mind!:P


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