Monday, May 24, 2010

Carrington's Spring Recital

Carrington had her recital over the weekend. It was based on the book "Just the Way You Are" by Max Lucado. Carrington took a drama class this year, so she had a part in the drama. She also took a worship dance class. She has had such a great experience this year! Both of her teachers were very nice, patient, and encouraging. There were a lot of really sweet girls at her studio. She had a blast at the recital. I was a backstage Mom for both performances, so I got to be a part of it with her. Being a backstage Mom was stressful but fun. I did everything from putting make-up on the cast, to changing microphones from one cast member to another, to telling the girls when it was their turn to go onstage.
My Mom and Dad came into town to go to Carrington's performance. I was so appreciative of them for coming. My Mom was in a lot of pain the whole time (she has terrible Gout). My Dad comes to all of her recitals and never complains. I know it's not super exciting for him, and he may not be able to tell which one she is when she's on stage because his vision is bad. But they always come, and it means the world to Carrington.

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  1. I liked the pictures! Her costumes are so pretty! I am sure she did a WONDERFUL job!! ☺

    Looking forward to your visit!!


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