Friday, October 15, 2010

Some new treasures that we've discovered!

This was a great movie, especially for a boy.  Clayton loved it!

We've discovered several Bobbsey Twin easy readers at our library for Clayton.

A very sweet story with pretty pictures.  Great book for nature lovers.
This is the BEST book I've ever seen about Noah's ark and The Flood. 
Just so I don't get in trouble, all of these pictures were copied off of  I hope it's ok to do that.  I order from that website quite a bit.  They have just about any book or movie you could possibly want.
 I didn't post a picture of the book, The Waterhorse, but it is great!  We rented the version on CD from our library, and listened to it, and it was fabulous!  The reader has a Scottish accent, so it made it even more fun!  The book is very clean and there is nothing creepy about it at all.  When I first heard about the movie, I thought it sounded creepy.  I can definitely say that the book is not.  The movie could be a little bit scary for some sensitive children, but Clayton loved it.  There is a scene where English soldiers are shooting at the waterhorse at night and it could be scary for a child for sure. The story takes place in Scottland during World War II.  The scenery is pretty, the cinematography is beautiful, the house that the family live in is beautiful (the wood floors are to die for!),  and of course I love the accents.  One good thing about the accents is that it makes it harder to understand the 2 curse words in the movie (hell, just so you know).  Clayton didn't pick up on them, but Carrington did.  I won't give away the surprise at the end of the book, but it makes the whole story even more interesting.  A true tale it is.......... :o)
I absolutely can't say enough good things about The True Story of Noah's Ark.  I love the fact that the story is not presented as a fairytale, but as a factual account of an historical event, which it is.  The pictures are beautiful and there is a lot of detail about how big the ark really was, including measurements.  It also mentions that there are flood stories handed down from countless cultures around the world.  It comes with a CD in which the author reads the story.  He has a wonderful radio announcer-type voice.

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