Monday, October 11, 2010

I've been decorating........ for less than $10!

I wanted to make a few changes in my house, so I went to WalMart and bought 3 cans of black spraypaint.  I have had so much fun painting things in my house.  I painted a basket first.  It turned out really cute.  The picture definitely doesn't do it justice.  It looks gray in the picture, but it is definitely black.  I also painted a candle sconce that hangs on the wall in my kitchen.  It turned out really cute too.  Then I painted these plate racks.  I think they look pretty good with these plates that I found at Hobby Lobby one day.  My favorite store, by the way!
My kids and I were doing a Science experiment the other day with water, air, and some plastic cups.  They decided to put on their bathing suits and play in the water for a few minutes.
My Aunt Emily came for a visit the other day and brought the above pecan pie.  :o)  She brought some documents about our family history for me to make copies of.  I love Geneology!  It is so fascinating to me to learn about our family's history.  One of the documents says that our ancestors owned a castle in Ireland.  It is still standing and I would love to see it some day.

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  1. The plate racks look so good! Very chic. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores too! I could spend so much time and money in there!
    P.S. We're going to try to fix the sound on Skpye so we can do it together!


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