Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apple Picking

A couple of weeks ago, I decided at the last minute to take my children apple picking.  We have gone to apple farms to buy apples numerous times, but they've never gotten to pick them.  I have fun memories of my family driving into Wisconsin (from the Chicago suburbs) to pick apples.  We loved it! I especially remember an ENORMOUS round block of cheese in a walk-in cooler. It probably weighed a ton.   I wonder if my sisters remember that cheese.  :o) 
We drove up to a town that has several apple farms.  Only one of them would let us pick on a weekday.  And we all had to pay to be able to do it!  We walked up to the trees and there were no apples within reach.  I'm fairly tall at 5' 7"  and I couldn't reach any.  Clayton could only reach one or two apples while sitting on my shoulders.  I had already paid for the bag, so being the great example for my kids that I am, I told them that they could climb up into the trees and pick some.  They thought it was a great idea!
We managed to fill our bag and then rewarded ourselves with ice cream.
Then we listened to the Kit: An American Girl book on CD on the way home.  I don't know why, but we are all fascinated with the Great Depression and the Kit book is written in that time period.


  1. Too sweet! I love the last one...

    Love you!


  2. How fun! Garrett loves to climb trees. One of the many reasons why he's in the ER constantly:D


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