Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Days

Yesterday was gorgeous, so we took a bike ride in the afternoon.  There is a tree-lined street right around the corner from our house that I like to walk down, which is where we went.  There is rarely any cars.

Clayton and Carrington being ornery to  each other.  This is real life.  We are not perfect!  :-D

Saxon Math............

......and more Saxon Math.  :-)

I have been reading one chapter of this book every day to my children.  I never would have chosen to read it, but it came with our homeschooling curriculum.  It has been really good!  It's about a teenage boy living in Israel during the time that Jesus began his ministry.  It always makes me think about how amazing it must have been to physically encounter Jesus!  My kids even like it.  :-)

I read this book to Clayton.  It was so sad, but so good!  It's about the Civil War (maybe I'm demented, but I love to read about the Civil War).  I highly recommend it!

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