Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Pics

My little man!

My  little lady!  We were at a wedding reception.

My husband during a recent road trip.  Stopping for ice cream helped the trip go much better!  :-D

We went to see my parents not too long ago.  We had to try out my Mom's  new scooter!

Of course I had to try it out too!  :-)

Clayton while he and I were skip counting for Math.  He can be quite ACTIVE!

A tree in our front yard.

Our home sweet home.  :-)

I have just loved the fall colors this year.

Some pretty trees in our neighborhood.

I love this one!


  1. I've been loving the leaves here lately, too! :-)

  2. Love the two pcitures of y'all riding the scooter! :) I think the picture of Uncle Warren eating the ice cream should be his new profile picture! Haha! :D



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