Friday, November 18, 2011

I Love This Book!!!

I found this book at the Christian book store the other night and I loved it immediately!  It's about some of our Church fathers (and mothers).  The pages are colorful and fun, so it's not boring for kids at all!  I also like the fact that each page is short and simple enough for my 8-year old son to enjoy.   We are learning just a little bit about Martin Luther, John Foxe, Ignatius, Lady Jane Grey (I really like her), and even MONICA.  Ha! Ha!  Monica was the Mother of Augustine.  :-)  I didn't know anything about our Church history until recent years, and I want to know more and teach it to my children!  There have been so many courageous, and devoted men and women in the history of the Christian Church, including many who were beaten and even died for our faith.  This book is great for giving kids a fun sample of some of those amazing people!

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