Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Few Thanksgiving Pictures

Carrington and Clayton both had a small pumpkin to paint earlier in the Fall.  Warren pitched the pumpkins to both of them and they smashed them with a bat.  Clayton wanted to paint a target on our big pumpkin and shoot at it, but his pellet gun is broken.  :(

Warren drew this turkey on the tablecloth.  He's a pretty decent artist I think!  I brought fabric markers to my Mom's house and we all wrote what we are thankful for on the tablecloth.  It will be fun to see what everybody wrote years from now.  Marcy traced her 2 littlest boys' hands on it too.

Buds.  :)

Carrington worked hard to win over Myles.  She really loves her littlest cousins.

It was so nice outside on Thanksgiving Day!

Grandpa and some of his heritage.  :)

Me, my sister Marcy, and my Mom

My Sweet Little Lady when we walked down to the creek.

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