Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hiking up to the falls

We woke up this morning and decided to drive up to a waterfall today. We took a friend (Joe) and his 2 kids. (His wife had gone scrapbooking .) Charlotte Mason would be proud. :o) We saw a bearded dragon on a leash. (I'm not kidding.) The little bird next to Warren was quite brave and stayed there for a long time. We've been to this waterfall before and walked up to what I thought was the top, but today found some more stairs that take you up above the waterfall. Warren and I had a race up the last flight of stairs. My legs felt like jello when we got to the top. The kids had fun splashing around in the water. I think the highlight was seeing the black bear walking across the road on all fours while we were driving.


  1. Good Pictures! It looks like a very pretty!

  2. Oops, in the comment above I meant to say "It looks like a very pretty place".

  3. That looks like fun! What a good homeschooling mom you are! :>) The pictures are pretty.


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