Monday, August 24, 2009

We love field trips!

We went on 2 fun field trips last week, with our homeschool group. The first was to a small airport. We learned about the different parts of a plane, as well as the forces that affect a plane's ability to fly: gravity, lift, thrust, and drag. My kids are anxious to go on an airplane ride now.

The second trip was to an art museum. We saw a really cute movie called "Linnea in Monet's Garden". I love things that will pique a child's interest in art and make it fun for them. We don't have a lot of art books, but one we do have and have read over and over is "Katie Meets the Impressionists" by James Mayhew. We have a couple of other "Katie" books by Mayhew that tell fun stories about famous works of art. It was really neat to see a few paintings by Claude Monet. I love impressionist paintings. I think my favorite artist might be Edgar Degas. He painted ballerinas a lot. I'm sure my ballerina nieces would love his paintings! Field trips are such a fun way to learn something new, and also a great way to create a real interest in various subjects.

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