Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please pray for Mariah!

Please pray for my niece, Mariah. She was kicked in the abdomen last Saturday by a horse. She came home from the hospital today (Tuesday). Her spleen was lacerated by the kick and she has been closely watched for internal bleeding. She has been in a lot of pain. She will have to have limited activity for the next couple of months (that's right, MONTHS) to allow her spleen to heal. That's a lot to ask for a 6 year old with lots of energy and personality. Please also pray for her mother, my sister, who is 8 months pregnant and will really have her hands full keeping Mariah busy. I had to include the 2nd picture from the top. She was literally digging through the presents at Grandma's house last Christmas.

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  1. Thank you Aunt Monica! I too love that picture of her digging through the presents! I laugh every time I see it:) Your support through this time has been a blessing.

    Much Love,
    McKenzie Elizabeth


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