Thursday, August 13, 2009

We went to my parent's house last week to celebrate Carrington's birthday with her cousins. The kids had a great time swimming and playing. I've never seen so many waves in my parent's pool! When I went to pick up the cookie cakes that we ordered for the party, they had not been decorated with flipflops like I had requested. So I brought them home and Carrington and Abigail put flipflops on them. One of the cakes fell out of the truck when I opened the door. It landed upside down in the container but the lid stayed on, so at least it was still edible! My car battery died the day that we were supposed to go to my parent's house, so I had to drive my husband's truck. One of my nephews, Gabe, requested that I take them for a drive, in the back of the truck, around the neighborhood. So I drove around while they whooped and hollered. I was feeling a bit red neckish, but they had fun! :o) And of course Carrington and I both held Lily Kate every time we could get our hands on her! She is so sweet and cute! After looking at these pictures, I've decided I need some photography classes! Maybe someday soon......

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