Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Field trip

We went on a fun field trip yesterday with a few families from our homeschool group. It was at the house of a famous author. We heard a storyteller, went to a workshop held by a present day author, the kids dressed up in period clothes, they made some cute crafts and we went through a museum of the author's old house. My kids also got to help write a story. They each added one sentence to the story. Of course Clayton wrote about an airplane bombing something. After reading the book, "Bringing Up Boys" by James Dobson, this kind of "violent" talk doesn't worry me. I tell him that he is God's little warrior. :o)


  1. I bet that was fun! I know what author it was, too!!

  2. Carrinton, you look so pretty! Gabe and Titus would come up with something like that too. Boys will be boys!
    P.S. Has your stomach stopped hurting fromt the sit-ups? This was the first day mine hasn't!


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