Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Visit to Aunt Marcy's house

We went to visit my sister Marcy and her family last week. Here are some of my favorite pictures. We went across the street to look at the cotton. The field was beautiful. Carrington had fun riding Abasha, their sweet horse. My kids always have a great time playing with some of their favorite cousins. Malachi, their youngest, has given me the name "Aunt Monkey". That's one I haven't been called before!


  1. HI Aunt Monkey! :)
    I am so glad you all came down to visit us!
    We enjoyed it so much. Love you!!!
    McKenzie Elizabeth~

  2. Those are good pictures. You are getting quite artsy with your camera! I like the tire swing one. I really think Malachi would have gone home with "Aunt Monkey"!


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