Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had company over Labor Day weekend. Kellie and her family came up for a visit. Lily Kate has gotten bigger and is just scrumptious! Carrington and I always fight over who gets to hold her (not literally)! In light of the "Do Hard Things" book, we decided to do hard things and have a "crunch competition" among the girls. I was the loser at 120 crunches. I think Abigail did 700. She won. I decided to redeem myself during a moment of dementia. With Lydia cheering me on, and Clayton sitting on my feet, I did 200 sit-ups. I've never even thought about doing that many sit-ups. I haven't done a single one since. I can't. My tail bone is still killing me. I shouldn't put that on a blog for all the world to see, but that is what happened. Nevertheless, we had a fun visit and the weekend went too fast and I had cooked too much food!

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  1. We had a wonderful time! Thank you for being such a good hostess!


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