Sunday, June 20, 2010

It has been difficult to blog lately because we have been pretty busy.  The summer is flying by already!  We went back to my Mom and Dad's at the beginning of the week to help my Mom and Dad out and visit with my sister Marcy and her kids.  My Mom is in rehab right now for physical therapy, and was in the hospital before that.  My Dad gets really down when she's in the hospital and seems kind of lost.  I know he enjoyed having some of his grandchildren swimming in his pool.  We were able to visit my Mom in the hospital, do some laundry, etc.  We will all be so glad when she gets back home!  The big, ugly frog was in my Mom and Dad's pool.  It could really hop!  It was wild to see how long his legs are.  The kids were thrilled to see Marcy and I do a flip off of the diving board (not at the same time  :o) ).  I also swam some races with the kids, including relay races.  McKenzie and Matthew always beat me, but at least I try! 
I also posted a picture of Clayton with his cousin Spencer, and 1 of Carrington and Clayton with Spencer and his brother Brandon.  They, along with their parents, spent the night at our house this past weekend.  Their Dad is my husband's brother.  Even though they are a lot older than Carrington and Clayton, they are always very nice to them.  Spencer played quite a bit with Clayton, and Clayton had a blast. 
I posted pictures of 2 new books we like.  Mortimer's First Garden is so cute and sweet.  It's a Christian book that I found at our library.  We love The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit.  We're listening to it on CD in the car right now.  The reader has an English accent, which adds so much to the story!  It's a wonderful chapter book about 3 children who suddenly find themselves poor and living with their Mother close to a train station.  I highly recommend it!

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