Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Louie Giglio

I hope this link works.  This 5-part video series is so incredible!  It gives you an inkling of how big the Universe is, and therefore how HUMONGOUS God is.  He has a few other really neat video series on Youtube.  Just look up Louie Giglio.   Another one is called "How Great is Our God".   My niece, Lydia, tried to show me how to put videos directly onto my posts, but I can't seem to do it anymore.  I need your help, Lydia!  :o)  I hope you will be as blown away as I was!

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  1. I loved "How Great is Our God", it was great!! I will have to watch the rest of them. I wonder why it isn't working? Where you signed in to your account when you did it? That may be the problem. I hope ya'll come for the fourth of July! Gabe said it wouldn't be the fourth without ya'll! I agree~ :)



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