Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Boy!

Clayton will be 8 years old in the morning.  My does time fly!  He is such a joy to raise!  I can be in a bad or sad mood, and just being around Clayton will cheer me up.  Here are some random facts about Clayton: 

Clayton loves animals. He has so much fun with his dog, Max.

He's an outdoor kind of guy and will play outside for hours. 

He has a good sense of humor.  He makes us laugh a lot.

He is very affectionate.  He loves to snuggle up with Warren and I.

He loves to learn, especially anything to do with Science.

I love that he still wears his Superman cape.

He's a night owl and likes to stay up late.

He is inspired by stories of Christian heroes.

He is easy to please and easygoing.

When I am praying with my children, sometimes I will get down on my knees on the floor to show honor to God.  Clayton always immediately gets down on his knees too.  :o)

I talk to Clayton a lot about being a Godly man and how much this world needs mighty warriors  for Jesus.
That is my prayer for him.  Clayton's middle name is James after James Dobson, because I have always admired Dr. Dobson.  I know that God has big plans for Clayton.
Happy Birthday my precious boy!  We love you very much!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Clayton! I hope you have a wonderful year being eight! :)



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