Sunday, April 10, 2011

Camouflage Birthday Party

Clayton's birthday party was last Friday.  We went with a camouflage theme,  which turned out really cute.  I told the Moms to dress their boys in camo if they wanted to.  Carrington painted their faces with camo paint that we bought at a sporting goods store.  We also had army tatooes for the boys.  I asked the bakery at Publix to make his cake camouflage and then I put army themed candles on it.  It turned out really cute.  We bought army themed party stuff at a party supply store.  We rented the inflatable slide and they let us have it for most of the day.  It really came in handy with  9 energetic boys!  They had a blast on it and played ball on it as much as they slid on it.  After everyone went home, Clayton told me that it was the funnest day he had ever had.  :o)


  1. The party looks great. I love the cake. You always do a good job. I just read a book about a lady who went through a divorce and hadn't worked in eighteen years. She started a business planning parties for people. She ended up with a huge business.

  2. What cute pictures! It looks like he had lots of fun!

    See you all soon...


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