Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Weddings and Tea Parties

I found this at Hobby Lobby for the occasion for only $5.  I thought it was really cute.
I know that Petite Fours are not English, but they're fancy, so I had to get them.  :o)
We used Carrington's tea set for our tea party....... Beatrix Potter.
Thank goodness Clayton had a friend to play with too!  He was definitely not into the wedding.
Gabrielle, Carrington, and Alex.  Isn't Gabrielle the cutest baby?
Leslie, Gabrielle, and Carrington
We took some pictures of our tv during the wedding.  We're dorks, I know, but I thought this one turned out great!
Such a beautiful for a princess!

Carrington and I were so excited about watching the royal wedding on Friday!  We invited some friends to come over and watch it with us and have a tea party.  We drank English breakfast tea and had little sandwiches, mini quiche, spinach and artichoke dip, and fruit salad.  I loved everything about the wedding!  Westminster Abbey was so gorgeous!  The bride could not have been any prettier.  It was fun to watch such a fun historical event.

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  1. That was so fun....
    Thanks for inviting us!!!
    Great pictures:)


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