Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Visit to the Country

Some male bonding time.  :o)
Dirty feet!
We learned how to milk a goat.  It was so cool!
What a great experience for my kids!  Thanks McKenzie!
One of the Mama goats.  She eats while she's being milked.
Carrington riding Candy.
McKenzie's baby goat
Clayton had a great time.  He LOVES animals!
Carrington taught everyone how to play spoons.  It was fun!
Clayton and Mariah played too, and they did great! 
The goat likes to suck on people's finger........a little too slimey for me!

We took a trip to my sister Marcy's house last week.  I took a ton of pictures.  I loved taking pictures of the chickens, as you can tell.   :o)  We had a great time.  We went on a field trip, which I'll have to post about later. Ciao!


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