Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carrington's birthday party

Getting ready for a purple party!  I think it's her new favorite color.

Carrington's friends Alex and Aiden

Kelsey and Abby, Carrington's friends since kindergarten

My picture of her other friend, Abby, didn't turn out.

Clayton was very happy to have a friend come over too!

Opening presents.

I had them play one game that was hilarious!

She had sparkler candles on her cake.

Carrington had 5 very sweet girls come over to spend the night for her birthday.  She had a blast with them!  They ate pizza, made jewelry, played games, ate ice cream sundaes, watched a movie, and talked way into the night.  They didn't get very much sleep, but they had a great time.  :o)  I have prayed for sweet Christian friends for my children since they were babies.  I am very thankful for her friends.

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  1. The table looks so pretty! Wish I could have been there~ :( I am looking forward to seeing y'all when we come down!

    Happy Birthday Carrington! I love you!



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