Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our First Week of School

Clayton's birthday plate.  He got to use it for breakfast on our first day of school. 

Carrington's birthday plate.  We had French Toast.......yum!

I like to write notes to my kids on our board.

Our first Latin lesson.

Clayton dancing and singing to Steve Green's CD

We just finished our first week of school.  It went really well.  We are studying  Rome to the Reformation for History and Bible.  It's My Father's World curriculum.  I really like it so far.  One of the things we'll be learning is how the Bible came together from a book called,  How the Bible Came To Us.  I know it will be fascinating.  I think it will also be neat to learn about what the world was like during the time of Jesus.  Part of the curriculum is to learn two Latin words per week with the book,  English Through the Roots UP.  I really love this book!  It is amazing how many of our words come from Greek and Latin words.

For Language Arts this year, we are doing,  Learning Language Arts Through Literature.  I really LIKE it!  Each lesson is based on a passage from a classic book or from the Bible.  I LOVE classic literature, so this is right up my alley!

For Science, we are doing  Exploring Creation With Anatomy and Physiology.  I know it will be FABULOUS!  I'm a nurse, so this is a fun topic for me.  It is also great because it is based on CREATION Science.  I also love the way it is set up.  For our first experiment, we "mummified" an apple.  We peeled 2 apples.  One is our control apple, and all we did was peel it and put it in a bowl.  The 2nd apple was peeled, and then we covered it in a salt and  baking soda solution.  We have to watch them for a week.  This is great fun for Clayton.

For Math we are doing Saxon Math again.  Math is my least favorite subject to teach, but it must be done so we keep plugging away.  Thankfully Clayton likes Math and is good at it and he is doing his lesson sheets on his own this year.  Hallelujiah!!!!!!!

The other day, I was teaching something to Clayton.  I can't remember what it was, but I was trying to keep his attention, so I was being silly and loud.  Clayton said, "Mommy, you're freaking me out."  ;-)  We had a good laugh.  ,

We ended our first week of school with a cookout at the pool.  Warren brought home hamburgers and all the fixings, and we headed to the pool (while hauling the grill).  We had the pool all to ourselves.  It was very pleasant! 

Today Clayton was being a pill when he was playing a game with Carrington.  I decided we needed to work on his attitude.  I found one of our Steve Green children's CDs and let him listen to it.  The songs are all based on Bible verses, and it is amazing how it can change his attitude really quickly.  I am all for using Christian CDs, books, and movies to influence my children. :-)

 I am also all for reading Christian books, listening to Christian music, and watching Christian movies to help my OWN attitude!  :o)  I am reading a book right now that one of our pastors mentioned.  It is called,  Safely Home  and it is FABULOUS!  It is a fiction book, but it is based on true stories of Christians who are persecuted in China.  Randy Alcorn is the author and he is wonderful!  It is always inspiring to me to read about Christians who have so much faith and persevere under difficult circumstances.  I want to be that kind of Christian.  :-)

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