Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mom and Daughter Weekend

My sweet girl!

Getting ready to go horseback riding.

Going shopping.
 Last weekend, I took Carrington away on a little trip.  We went to our favorite town, went out to eat, shopping, and horseback riding.  The weather was great and the horseback riding was SOOOO fun!  I didn't take my camera when we went horseback riding, so I don't have any pictures.  Carrington looked so tiny with her big horse.  Her horse didn't want to listen to her, and she looked so cute trying to get him to go!  We went on a trail ride through the woods.  It was great!  We also did some shopping and we both bought a purse as a souvenir of our weekend away.  It was a good bonding time and we had some important conversations about growing up, peer pressure, modesty, etc.  I hope Carringon will have great memories of our special trip together!
My favorite town.

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